One Young World Chooses AntModity for the Top Initiatives from Around The World List

Ananda launched AntModity in February 2018 as a platform to connect commodity producers directly to buyers, cutting out middlemen to increase profitability for the seller and to lower prices for the buyer. 

The company focuses on creating a marketplace through which producers can sell commodities directly to buyers located anywhere in the world. Ananda works with the producers to identify overseas buyers as well as establish trust with the buyers themselves – they provide thorough inspections before shipping any products. Using AntModity’s technology, even small-scale producers can get the highest price for their commodity by consolidating smaller & larger units. 

As the company grows over time, AntModity hopes to democratize the commodity market by making it easier for buyers and seller to make direct connections, facilitating open market conditions that can benefit both parties in his home country.


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