Coconut Coir, cut fiber, twine, pots, nets, fiber

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  • Coir Fiber: taken from the outer layer of the coconut, color: golden brown, moisture: 15%, impurity: less than 3%, packing: wrapped in plastic tapes, weight: 120-150 Kg, loadability: 20MT in 40ft, applications: spring mattress, bedding, upholstery. drainage filtering,
  • Coir Cut Fiber: 100% natual coconut coir. Fiber length 2 - 7 cm. Bale Size 29 x 29 x 16 cm. Moisture Below 15% w/w. Weight 4.5 kg. Compression Ratio 4:1. Breakout Volume 12 Lts / kg. E.C. < 1.00 mS/cm (1:5v/v). pH 5.5 – 7. Used for
  • Coir Twine:
  • Coir Nets: Used for erosion control purposes, hillside slope, road embankments. For size, please see pictures/
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