Fresh & Frozen Sri Lankan Tuna Fish

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  • Tuna types: Yellowfin tuna & bluefin tuna. Orgin Sri Lanka.
  • Grades: A+, A, B, and C (recommend for frozen shipments)
  • Condition: Tuna Whole GG, Tuna H&G, Fresh Tuna Loins, Tuna Loin Skin - ON, Tuna Loin Skin - Off, and Tuna Steaks.
  • Catch method & area: Long Line / Indian Ocean(FAO 57).
  • Average size: 30 Kg and up for Tuna Whole GG and Tuna H&G.
  • Fresh Tuna Packing: For Tuna Whole GG and Tuna H&G: 2-3 fish in corrugated boxes. And for all other grades, individual vacuum packing in LLDPE bags. Temperate maintain at 4C (chilled)
  • Frozen Tuna Packing: Nude packing. Temperate maintain at -60 (ultra-low) and -40C (frozen).
  • Certificates: Sri Lankan Country of Origin Certificate, Health Certificate issued by Sri Lankan Fisheries, and track record.
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