AntModity makes it simple to buy commodities.

In our journey towards simplifying your commodity buying experience, we’are constantly taking steps to remove inefficiencies and making it easier and cost less for you to buy commodities.

Commodity Marketplace

AntModity Commodity Marketplace is a platform for commodity buyers to view available commodity lots by location and submit offers, request samples, and ask for additional information.

Our goal is to open warehouses in every major city in the world to make it easier and cost less for our clients to buy commodities.

Buy At Source:  All the commodities are supplied directly by producers or processing centers and stored in AntModity owned or partnered warehouses.
24/7 Commodity Support:  AntModity commodity & logistic experts provide support around the clock to help buyers to source commodities with confidence. 
Trusted: Independent marketplace. The breakdown of costs are shared with producers and buyers to show who gets what.
Secured: AntModity directly participate in quality inspection, logistics and payment collection to avoid any shortcoming of quality/delivery or payment defaults. 

Customized Sourcing Solutions 

AntModity offers customized sourcing solutions utilizing our team of commodity & logistic experts and programmers.  We design our solutions to achieve  consistent quality and reduction in sourcing costs. Below are some of work we have done:

Alba Special Cinnamon Stick:  AntModity started a farmer group in Enaswlkanda, Sri Lanka to produce a specialized Alba cinnamon stick to supply to the Russian market. The farmer group produces a high-end Alba cinnamon stick which has a consistent quality both inside and outside layers. 

Natural Rubber Block:  Exporting Natural Rubber cup lumps is expensive due to large content of water. AntModity team invented a cup lump block to reduce the water content to less than 0.5% to make it financially viable to export cup lump. The product is currently been exported from Sri Lanka to a major buyer in Malaysia. 

Sri Lankan Tuna Fish:  A process was created by AntModity for buyers in Korea and Japan to purchase tuna directly from registered boats via AntModity platform on a daily basis. Purchased tuna are then transported to the processing center for quality screening, washing, storage and shipping to Korea & Japan in frozen and fresh conditions. As a result of the process introduced by AntModity, buyers saw a total cost reduction of 5-10%.  

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